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Plant 2 million trees by 2020.

We are going to collect 2 million € to plant 2 million trees.

  1. Gather a team of 2,000 tree ambassadors in the world, one ambassador per city.
  2. Design marketing tools for this action.
  3. Contact people, companies and administrations.
  4. Use the EverGreenCoin or Steemit wallets to transfer funds.
  5. Plant the trees with Kedjom-keku and other ngos

You can become a tree ambassador for your company or for your city, it is up to you. Register by replying to this post.

Follow the advancement of the program on the Ventureo wiki:

Each month, the money is send to Kedjum-keku in Cameroon or to another Tree planter nonprofit.

Register as a Tree ambassador for your company or for your city !!

Name Company or City Country Collected (nb trees)
Christophe Parot Annecy France
Anonymous givers From all over the world Planet earth 2
Add your name here Your city Your country

Collected so far !

Year Month EGC Trees
2018 September 30 1
2018 October 150 5

Proof of donation : 10 Steem has been transfered to the @kedjom-keku Steemit account on October 31st,

I am ready to start !

Ambassadors FAQ

1. To be an ambassador means to convince 1,000 people around you to donate 1 EUR worth evergreencoin, steem or Byteball?

Yes, we have to promote a wallet. When I downloaded TenX some times ago, I wanted to test it but I don't know another user of ewallet, so 2MTby2020 will give the opportunity to a new user to use his wallet. I would like to convince a company to work with us and to offer 2 € for a new user, 1 for him, the second one for “2MTby2020”, for client acquisition premium.

2. How are you going to recruit those ambassadors?

I will contact the people who are responding to my post on Steemit and LinkedIN I also hope that the new ambassadors will help me to recruit new ambassadors, like for a multilevel marketing company. If each new ambassador recruit 2-5 new ambassadors, it can go very fast. I will also contact organizations like Friends of the earth, Greenpeace etc…

3. How exactly are they going to ask people for the money?

The group of ambassadors will decide which marketing tools they will use: tweeter, video, blog, local newspaper, meetups,crowdfounding … If we are a group of 20-30 active people and each one design a tool, we can have a powerful organization. Here is a page to develop marketing tools

Domain name

Other organizations with similar objectives

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