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2 Million Tree by 2020 onboarding process

Here are different ways to onboard: You only have to choose one way if you have a limited time available !!!

A-Open a Steemit account to enter into the cryptoworld.
  • Go to Steemit
  • Open an account, it is free.
  • This could take few days.
  • Introduce yourself in an introduction post.
  • Link your post to one of the post so we know you are a new member of the community.
  • and earn your first Steem with the publication of your posts.
  • You can directly use the bot on Steemit
  • Follow our progress on this wiki
  • Suggest improvements to the enboarding process !!!
B- Download an EverGreenCoin wallet

Buy some Bitcoin with Bitpanda or Blocktrades or Changelly with your credit cards Exchange these currency in Evergreencoin on Bittrex

C - Download a Byteball wallet

Get some Bytes by participating to an airdrop.

D- Participate to an airdrop from another crypto

Many new projects are offering some cryptos to participants of their new project. This is called an airdrop.

E - A mix of one of the three first proposals

Suggest a better onboarding process.

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