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2 Million Tree by 2020 onboarding process

Here are different ways to onboard: You only have to choose one way if you have a limited time available !!!

A-Open a Steemit account to enter into the cryptoworld.

Go to Steemit Open an account, it is free. This could take few days. Introduce yourself in an introduction post. Link your post to one of the post so we know you are a new member of the community. and earn your first Steem with the publication of your posts. You can directly use the bot on Steemit Follow our progress on this wiki Suggest improvements to the enboarding process !!!

B- Download an EverGreenCoin wallet

Buy some Bitcoin with Bitpanda or Blocktrades or Changelly with your credit cards Exchange these currency in Evergreencoin on Bittrex

C - Download a Byteball wallet

Get some Bytes by participating to an airdrop.

D- Participate to an airdrop from another crypto

Many new projects are offering some cryptos to participants of their new project. This is called an airdrop.

E - A mix of one of the three first proposals

Suggest a better onboarding process.

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