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Brainstorming our next action on Citizens for Europe

Explain how EverGreen coin is useful for a nonprofit

Title : What if your supporters are staking 2,000 EverGreencoin, each ?

Post: WWF is the largest environmental organization with more than 5 million claimed supporters. Let’s imagine that those people are staking the equivalent of 100 € in an EverGreencoin wallet.

What is staking ? Stacking is a process to maintain and grow a blockchain that is able to produce a cryptocurrency. The stacking process is producing the growth of the currency.

Each month, the European central bank is producing more Euro. The annual increase of the monetary mass is around an annual 3,5 %, depending of the economic activity. This increase is send to the banks and the system is becoming more and more unfair.

Because its is much younger and smaller, the increase of the EverGreencoin currency is set to a 7 % annual rate.

So, if 5 million people are stacking 2,000 EGC (the equivalent of 100 € today) in their wallet, the annual interest of this process will be 700 million EGC. Its a sum of money that WWF could use each year to take more actions to preserve the environment.

You can participate too to this initiative and stacke for your preferred organization, it does not need to be WWF.

Volatility of cryptocurrencies is a problem. Speculators influence the market which is driven by the Bitcoin market. Because the value of EGC is really low today, it is a good time to invest and support the EverGreencoin Foundation.

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