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 ===Conscious payment=== ===Conscious payment===
-If you want to support this project, a conscious payment can be made in any of the major cryptocurrencies supported by Bitshares:+To pay in $ or €, we suggest ​you use paypal and send some $ to
-  * open.BTC : 3Kf5iwDaHTCLqfpbUPwnQjxMwFDtszotF5 +If you are familiar with crypto, send some BTS to chrk on Bitshares
-  * open.ETH : 0x0b099f012e7f6f29b816667bd049554727887ed1 +Some Hive to @chrisaiki 
-  * BTS      : chrk+or some TLOS to christelos55
 Bitshares is accepting many other cryptos ! Bitshares is accepting many other cryptos !
-If you prefer to pay with Fiat currencies as $ or €, we suggest you use Circle and send some $ to +
-You can register to circle with our referral link: +
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