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In 2006 I found a story about Wardenclyffe on the internet and they said Tesla build it to provide free energy to the entire world. That sounded so incredible that I started reading more about this man and this tower. I found there is a lot of hearsay and unfounded rumours going round, but on the other hand Tesla has left us with thousands of files with his own words. So it should be possible to find out the truth, and that is what I set out to do.

I started collecting all of his work, his notes, his lectures, articles, patents and even private letters and I started redoing many of his experiments so I could see what he must have seen.

After some time I discovered a code in his articles after 1895 and with it I was able to reconstruct large parts of his theories and the true purpose of Wardenclyffe, which is to make atmospheric electricity available for human consumers all over the world and as a by-product enable worldwide communication and navigation. This all seemed so incredible that I had to find some way to prove that his ideas would work and that Tesla is indeed a genius beyond those who made it to fame and sometimes fortune.

Unfortunately this was way beyond the budget that I had available, so together with a friend and colleague we started up Ethergy Co. Ltd. so to attract investors who would then become shareholders in this company. We did not get the money that we were hoping for but we did manage to get enough to at least create some proof that the working principles do indeed work.

We have build a high voltage lab and have done many experiments since that time.

We think we have all the proof now that we set out to get and are looking for what could be our next step.

Read all the details in my Steemit blog

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