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2.1 General objectives and scope

2.2 Specific objectives


2.2.3. Based on the results of points 2.2.1. and 2.2.2., develop new, innovative, specific online training or online skills development modules for at least three of the emerging digital technologies mentioned in point 2.1.
2.2.4. Complement the stakeholder community of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Portal with stakeholders active in skills development for emerging digital technologies
2.2.5. Set up and manage a website that integrates the results of points 2.2.1 – 2.2.4.
2.2.6. Actively promote the Academy

2.3. Main tasks

2.3.1. Methodology (starting in month 1 until month 4)
2.3.2. Mapping and assessment (starting in month 1 until month 5)


2.3.3. Development of new, innovative online training modules (starting in month 6 until month 17)

Christophe Parot - MFR Vulbens

2.3.4. Initiate a network of relevant stakeholders (starting in month 5 until month 16)
2.3.5. Setting up and management of the website of the European Digital Academy (starting in month 6 until month 18)
2.3.6. Outreach
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