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Telos ambassadors : serious game

Reset humanity

Game Objectives :

The telos ambassador is a serious game to promote Telos, all over the world. One of the objectives of the game is to onboard 1,000 ambassadors. Each Ambassador represent Telos in one city.

To become an ambassador, someone has to buy a non fungible asset on and follow the rules on the website of the game :

Each card is unique, they are non fungible assets. For the next 12 months, the price of one card is 1,000 TLOS 1,000 Seeds or 1,000 ACORNs. The price is reevaluated each year for the next following 12 months. Each ambassador can sell his card on the market at any moment, if he wants to get out of the game.

New cards will be created when a new ambassador is showing up. The account tlambassador is the first owner of the card.

Each month, an ambassador will have a task to perform: the 12 tasks to perform are:

Ambassadors can propose new tasks to other ambassadors. Each time an ambassador successfully accomplishes a task, he/she earns 100 JOY.

An ambassador can be revoked by a commission composed of other ambassadors.

Citizen can contact the commission to ask for the revocation of an ambassador when the activity of the ambassador does not fit the values of the game.

3 major catastrophes may occur during the 10 years of the game:

  • Asteroid collision
  • Super volcano burst out
  • Shift of the earth inclination

Occurrence of any of these catastrophe would reset the game to 0.

Governance: Telos Ambassador governance is run following the teal organizations principles as describe in Frédéric Laloux’s book “Reinventing organizations”

Telos ambassadors on duty:
Name City Country card ID
JustinSan Fransico USA 100000000001296
CitimillzUyo Nigeria 100000000001305
Victoriasan Felipe Venezuela 100000000001416

To see the card copy + card ID in your browser

Available positions

Name City Country card ID
Available New York USA 100000000001292
Available Chicago USA 100000000001303
Available Miami USA 100000000001295
Available Paris France 100000000001294

Do you want to be a Telos ambassador in your city? Claim your card on telegram to Each Telos ambassador will receive 100 JOY to spread JOY in the world JOY is a token on the Telos blockchain that can be exchanged at against Telos.


Do I need to do each task each month ?

No, an ambassador is only performing one task per month

What happens if I am not successful to perform my task ?

Nothing, you skip to the next task, you can choose one new task in any order, from the list or propose a new task.

I want to exit the game

You can transfer the card to someone else or to tlambasador at any time. You can burn it or sell it at any times. Please inform chrisaiki that you have stopped.

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