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 +==== To build a P2P help center for apprentices====
 +The « Family and rural houses » are receiving apprentices to train them in different fields.
 +The Family and rural house of Vulbens is specialize in commerce.
 +We have 7 different levels of apprenticeship
 +in French :
 +Certificat d'​apprentissage professionnel vente (2 years)
 +Bac-Pro Vente (3 years)
 +Brevet de technicien supérieur management d'​unité commercial. (2 years)
 +The help center will be build using noemieCMS a CMS which is a fork of the Grav community.
 +All explanations to use the help center will be post on this website.
 +A first draft of the website in French can be find at http://​
 +The apprentices will register on the Steemit blogging platform.
 +The Steemit blogging platform is a blogging platform associate with a cryptocurrency. ​
 +Any apprentice can ask a question on the Steemit platform.
 +Their questions are detected using hastags
 +For exemple the apprentices in Vulbens will use the hastags #fr #mfrvulbens and #commerce
 +#fr is for France
 +#mfrvulbens is the name of the school
 +#commerce is the name of the domain related to the question
 +Older apprentices can help their peers by replying their questions of younger apprentices.
 +Asking questions is an excellent way to learn.
 +An international community of participants from many countries can help our student by replying to their questions.
 +Using the Steemit platform will teach apprentices to use an electronic wallet and to get used to blockchain tools and cryptocurrencies. ​
 +The best questions and the best answers will be reward in Steem, the cryptocurrency used by the blogging platform.
 +Of course, trainers will also participate to the program to answer questions of the apprentices.
 +Questions to help me to furfil this page are welcome !
 +Of course you can also open a steemit account and ask your question on Steemit to experiment the process.
 +Please use the #​digitalacademy hashtag to identify your question.
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