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What is the idea behind it?

Today, dollars and euros are printed each month by central banks and given to other banks. It is money-debt, an unjust system that makes the rich richer without this money reaching the associations that have projects for society.

We have created a new currency specifically for non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses that have a vision of society to improve people's lives. In Ventureo's economic system, it is these organizations that have the power to distribute money and use it to implement their vision of society. Ventureo plays the role of a new transnational central bank that distributes money according to a new economic model that takes into account human relations and projects of associations and not short-term profitability. No business plan or profitability calculation will be required to receive initial financing of 100,000 Ventureo. Only the support of your members and their testimony is necessary.

Where can I learn more about this?

You can follow the Ventreo network on the network wiki As well as on the Steemit blog platform by tapping Ventureo in the search box. As a member of the network you can participate in the governance of the project, improve its communication, convey this idea to other associations that you know necessarily.

Why would the associations be interested?

There are thousands of organizations around the world with a project and no money to implement it. If we develop our own money money, we will have more power to implement our projects and improve people's lives. This project is complementary to [Mannabase's] basic income experience ( to which you can also subscribe. do not hesitate to inform yourself about the role of money in society, the evolution of monetary creation in the course of history and the role of central banks. The Institute for Leadership and Sustainability has developed an excellent MOOC on the subject.

How does this help me and my project?

For a currency to be effective, it must be used by thousands of people who use it to exchange goods and services. Ventureo already has a dozen innovative products and services on its platform. When new associations join us, the amount of money in the network will increase as well as its value of use, each participant will prosper thanks to the help of the network. By presenting your activities on the Ventureo wiki, you increase the visibility of your association. By describing his activities on Steemit, you meet other members who are accustomed to using cryptocurrencies and the new tools associated with them: exchange platform, electronic wallet …

Clarification of the steps for registering on the Ventureo network

Registering for the network requires 3 steps: opening a Steemit account, registering on the Ventureo wiki and opening a Bitshares electronic wallet. These 3 steps are described more precisely in this article: To be translated !!!

What is the role of Steemit

Steemit is a blog platform associated with a cryptocurrency, it provides associations with an electronic wallet and free exchange of money. As on other platforms, you can like the articles you like but on Steemit, by voting for the articles of his association, each member makes him gain in value and reputation. Steemit is an excellent tool for associations to communicate easily with their members, to make themselves known to new people and to be paid for the activities undertaken by each association.

27 good reasons to join Steemit.

Why a wiki?

Wikipedia is the most successful example of collaborative work among thousands of people. Ventureo needs a wiki so that the project can grow to reach 100,000 associations. Members will be able to define governance rules, communications tools and service offerings among themselves. The wiki is by nature an evolutionary tool and allows its users to adapt to the development of their project. Each page can be modified, improved or deleted easily. The structure of the wiki can be reviewed regularly, videos or images can be downloaded. The wiki is the collaborative working tool par excellence.

Why Bitshares?

Each member of the Ventureo network needs an electronic wallet to store their Ventureo, send them to a paying member or make transfers between organizations. Bitshares is an open source tool based on collaborative work, so its values ​​are close to those of Ventureo. The choice of Bitshares for the initial creation of Ventureo and for the daily management of transfers and exchanges has therefore appeared to us as the best solution today.

Steemit, the wiki, Bitshares, I'm a little lost!

It's normal, nobody learned to use word, excell or Power Point in a single day. The teaching of these tools is an integral part of all university curricula all over the world today. The blockchain brings a new revolution in your way of designing and implementing projects today. You may not have wanted to use the internet since 1989, you may have delayed the purchase of your first mobile phone. You do not have to have an e-wallet today, but the sooner you'll be familiar with this new tool, the easier it will be to integrate it into your everyday life in the future. Ventureo offers new tools, learning these new tools require effort, as you did to learn to use other software. New Ventureo members are here to help! Altruistic guides beginners in the use of Steemit, Bitshares has designed many video on Youtube to learn how to create an account and exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform; Many tutorials exist for learning to use Dokuwiki, the Ventureo wiki, you are not alone and the world has not been done in a day! It is better to move slowly in the right direction than quickly in the bad!

We are here to answer your questions.

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